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We are an outcomes focussed, cyber security services business catering for small, medium and large enterprises. Based in New Plymouth, New Zealand, we provide cyber protection for all businesses.

Who we are

Your Trusted security partner
from local small business to global enterprise.

Built from the ground up with our clients front of mind, our cybersecurity firm provides leading security services and solutions to protect your business.

OUr Value

Top-Tier Security Solutions at a Cost Businesses Can Afford.

We are a cloud only organisation, where modern workforce meets professional services – we have low operational costs that allow us to pass on price benefits to our clients.

Our Vision

Be the 'go-to' Trusted Security Partner that our clients depend on to Defend and Protect them from cyber threats.

We partner with our clients, taking your privacy and security as seriously as our own. By establishing trust and becoming part of your organisation, we drive your security maturity and support your success.
Our Mission

Provide leading security products and services at a price point that make sense.

Good cyber security should not only be possible for organisations with big budgets and deep pockets, it should be possible for everyone.
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What we offer

Where Strategy Meets Security.
Your Success Story Begins with CyberGrape.

vCISO Services

Regardless of your organisation size, we have a vCISO service that will either support your internal teams, lead them through the process or run the programme for you.

Third-Party Risk Management

Continuous monitoring and Protections of Data, Ensuring Compliance, and Maintaining Trust throughout our Supply Chain.

Vulnerability Managment

Identify, Assess, and Mitigate Risks to Protect Your Systems and Data, Ensuring Robust Cybersecurity and Operational Continuity.

Managed Security

Proactively Monitor, Detect, and Respond to Cyber Threats, Enhancing Security and Ensuring Rapid Incident Resolution.

Email Security

Safeguard Communications, Block Threats, and Prevent Data Breaches to Protect Your Organisation's Integrity.

Secure SaaS Backups

Securely Back Up Your SaaS Data, Ensure Data Integrity, and Facilitate Quick Recovery in Case of Data Loss.

Experience the magic of CyberGrape.
Contact us to discuss your security goals.

Where ever you are in your security journey, CyberGrape can help – we’ll get you to 100%.

Security programme
Third-Party Risk management
How it Works

Unlock Astonishing Results with Just 4 Simple Steps.

Free Consultations

Free initial consultation to discuss your concerns and see if we are the right fit for your business.

Requirements gathering

Really understand your business and where your gaps might be. Assess where we can help.

Define a Programme

Determine the right level of engagement and start to evaluate where your next quick wins are.


Initiate a pragramme of work and help you manage your remediatino projects. We advise and Implement.

Partnered with industry leading security technology vendors

CyberGrape is proud partner with Arctic Wolf
CyberGrape is proud partner with aws
CyberGrape is proud partner with Bitdefender
CyberGrape is proud partner with bitwarden
CyberGrape is roud partner with Blacklock
CyberGrape is proud partner with Black Kite
CyberGrape is proud partner with Blackwired
CyberGrape is proud partner with Cisco
CyberGrape is proud partner with Keepit
CyberGrape is proud partner with Logicgate
CyberGrape is proud partner with Microsoft
CyberGrape is proud partner with MyCISO
CyberGrape is proud partner with Proofpoint
CyberGrape is proud partner with tenable
CyberGrape is roud partner with uSecure

Navigate your Security journey with CyberGrape: Your Trusted Partner.

Let our team of security experts take charge and lead your business through the complexites of cyber security. From Technical security controls to governance and compliance we have the experience to get the job done.
Timely and Transparent Communication
With CyberGrape, you will have an extention of your business with a team of security professionals who care about your success.
Boost your security

Get started on accelerating your business' security programme.


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Almost a perfect score, our clients have rated us 4.8 out of 5.
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NZ Reseller Innovation Awards Winner 2023
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